Our Team

Carolyn Carr

Chief Executive Officer

Carolyn was appointed Chief Executive Officer at Blairlogie in November 2012. Prior to joining Blairlogie Carolyn was the Chief Executive Officer at a similar community based organisation based in Traralgon.

Carolyn has worked in the disability sector since 1999. She has held positions in both community-based organisations and State Government. She has extensive experience in Management and Leadership and enjoys leading a team to achieve set organisational goals.

Carolyn is a strong believer in people with a disability having maximum control over their lives and being empowered to make decisions that affect them.

Carolyn has a Degree in Journalism and Communication as well as Disability and Management Qualifications. As Chief Executive Officer Carolyn has overall responsibility for implementing the organisational Strategic Plan, as well as providing leadership, innovation and advocacy that ensures the delivery of a high-quality service.

Carolyn is also responsible for the financial management of the organisation. Carolyn says that one of the most enjoyable aspects of her role is the community and stakeholder engagement.

Carolyn is very proud to lead Blairlogie and is looking forward to implementing the many exciting plans the organisation has for the coming years.

Shannon Conway

Manager Centre, Community and In Home Supports

Shannon began working in the Not-For-Profit Community Services Sector in 2003 completing a traineeship in a Residential setting before moving across to Community Support.

Commencing at Blairlogie in 2009, Shannon started out as an Assistant Program Manager then in 2011 became Client Services Manager. During 2014 Shannon completed an Advanced Diploma in Disabilities and also in Community Sector Management which will assist her to continue to provide quality service.

Shannon also works with children and teenagers in a local recreation access program supporting people to access leisure opportunities available within the community.

As General Manager Operations, Shannon is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives that lead to achieving the best possible outcomes for the people supported by Blairlogie.

Shannon is passionate about seeing people achieve personal goals and is creative in designing supports to meet the needs of individuals.

Shannon enjoys the dynamic and rewarding nature of her job and is always up for a challenge of learning new things.

Sandra Shaw

Manager Human Resources

Sandra is an experienced Human Resources Manager with considerable knowledge in Employment Relations, Payroll, Work Health and Safety, Recruitment, Systems and Processes. In addition, Sandra has extensive business and management experience in the retail corporate sector, including a strong operational background with project management. Sandra has experience leading and managing small to large teams (100 plus) and creating new teams from the ground up. Sandra’s previous work has included national and international exposure.

Sandra has made a conscience choice to join the not for profit sector and is excited about using her experience and learning more to further add to the Blairlogie community and the disability sector in general.

Sandra loves coaching and encouraging people to reach their own decisions, whilst providing guidance where required. Sandra is excited about the professional and personal growth of people and mentoring people to reach their potential which then translates into success for the organisation.

Jen Cardwell

Residential Services Manager

Jen joined the team at Blairlogie in July 2020 as the Residential Services Manager.

Jen started her career in Disability Services in 2004.  She has held a number of roles in the sector as Residential Services Manager at Blairlogie Jen assumes overall responsibility for Blairlogie accommodation sites and strives to ensure the best possible supports are delivered to each individual lives at one of Blairlogie’s sites.

Jen is excited about the innovative services delivery approach that Blairlogie has and loves that she has a role where she is able to empower people with a disability to have choice and control over their lives.

Jen has a wealth of knowledge in experience in supporting people that have complex needs.

Jen prides herself in leading by example and ensures she is always available to support, motivate and guide her team to provide the best possible experiences for the residents.

Jen also works hard to ensure families feel confident in Blairlogie and the residents have the ability to maintain dignity and independence as well as developing skills that lead to an improved quality of life.

Olivia Lyon

Recreation Services Manager

Olivia commenced in her role of Recreation Services Manager in May 2022.

Olivia has held a range of positions throughout her career, from project delivery, policy development and people management. A common thread throughout all of these roles has been her desire to improve outcomes for the community.

From her early role of building capacity in a small, remote and diverse community right through to developing and leading award-winning strategies for one of Australia’s largest municipalities in Australia, Olivia brings new perspective and experience to the Blairlogie Team.

As Manager of Recreation Services, Olivia is thrilled to share her expertise and passion to deliver fun, engaging and inclusive activities for the Blairlogie community.

Olivia is excited at the prospect of implementing strategies to improve engagement with participants to bring their voice to the Recreation Program and deliver a truly client-centric service.

William Thomas

Manager of Associated Services

William commenced his role in March of 2023.

William has an extensive background in Disability Services, beginning in 2019. During this time William has held positions from Support Worker to Interim General Manager. The reoccurring theme throughout his career is a desire to help people achieve their goals.

As Manager of Associated Services, William is responsible for all things outside of service delivery that make service delivery run smoothly. William is eager to assist in ensuring our clients and staff have the best possible experience when at Blairlogie.

William looks forward to reshaping the way the Associated Services team is utilised at Blairlogie through the use of Human Centred Design processes, ensuring our clients are at forefront of everything we do.