History of Blairlogie

26 July 1984

Frankston S.D.S. initiates discussion of post-secondary options for their students (21 +) with a questionnaire (Denyse Dick).

8 November 1984

Meeting at Frankston S.D.S. on post-secondary concerns chaired by Joy Hooper, Naranga (Zenda Richardson), Wongabeena (Ruth Jones) and Nepean School, (Barry Lambert) represented in the discussion. Parents present include Carol Pollard, Lawrie Heysham, Tim Haining, George and Marlene De Lany. Teachers present include Denyse Dick. Interested community members Greg and Cathy Campbell attend.Pilot committee formed: Cathy Campbell, Tim Haining, Denyse Dick, Carol Pollard, Lawrie Heysham, George De -Lany, Margaret McGreggor Joan Churchill, Dorothy McDonald, Marion Watt.

Meeting agreed that they wanted an outdoor facility, where people could work with their hands and get exercise daily. Originally envisaged as for all people with disabilities, not just intellectually disabled, and as a place where people passed through, in the transition between school and finding a job
Project aims:
  • To provide a working environment that fosters the development of vocational and related skills and thereby encourage movement towards open employment.
  • To provide an environment in which success and job satisfaction will be found with the opportunity to work for an income.
  • To provide the least restrictive placement for disabled people. The support being provided only to the degree necessary for each person.
  • To reduce or eliminate the handicapping consequences that will occur if an ongoing learning environment is not available to disabled students exiting school.
  • To promote active Involvement of staff and program participants in the planning and running of the program.
  • The committee began the search for an appropriate site, looking at a variety of properties in Baxter, Pearcedale, and Hastings. Located a 12-acre property “Blairlogie” for sale at Newton Avenue Baxter.
First approach to C.S.V. to establish the project was knocked back, the government did not want to establish another centre on the Peninsula. Suggested the committee look at establishing the project as an annex of an existing centre.

14 March 1985

Living and Learning for Disabled People (LLDP) formed, and application sent for incorporation as a community association. It eventually took 18 months to incorporate.

23 March 1985

Auction at “Blairlogie”

The property was passed in at auction. The committee didn’t bid, because they didn’t yet have any funds, but canvassed all the other bidders stating their intention to buy it.

March-November 1985

Having located the right property, a search for funds began. The search was initially fruitless, and the project looked sure to falter by late 1985. Then a businessman connected with one of the committee members offered to buy the property for the project, on condition that he remained anonymous. Committee approached CSV again, saying that property could be purchased. Negotiations to buy the property then began in earnest, and after much haggling, the sale was concluded. The centre was given a 50 year lease by the owners.

April-September 1985

CSV advised approaching Kankarma, with the object of seeking their assistance. However, discussions were unsuccessful, so the committee turned to C.S.V. again.

September 1986

CSV now gave support for the project, and offered assistance with rental, conditional on the project focusing only on the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, and the committee becoming formally incorporated.

27 September 1985

Registered as a charity.

10 March 1986

Took over Newton Avenue property.

Working bees take place from now on as the property was very run down. It had formerly been used to run horses and breed dogs. The first priority after take-over was to clear away all the blackberries and long grass. Two army lorry loads of rubbish out of the sheds were also taken away (the army help was through a contact of a friend of the S.D.S.). At times there were 80 people at working bees, with strong community support. One of the long sheds was lined and the floor concreted to transform it into a craft room.

7 April 1986

First AGM of L.L.D.P. at Blairlogie.
Inaugural Board of Management was:
  • President: Tim Haining
  • Vice President: Denyse Dick
  • Secretary: Sue Robinson
  • Treasurer: Dick Hunt
  • Members: Mabs and Ted Lay, Lawrie Heysham, Wendy Bourns George and Marlene De Lany, Roger Macdonald, Cathy Campbell, B. Brain.

8 June 1986

“Getting to know you” afternoon tea held at the farm for the neighbours and Board. There was to be hostility from some of the neighbours, and this was an attempt to smooth the waters. One neighbour came to visit.

July 1986-February 1987

Planning permit process through Cranbourne Council. This becomes very bogged down in debates about the prospective harm to the amenity of the area by having people with intellectual disabilities free within the community. The matter nearly went to appeal at the Planning Appeals Tribunal, but was settled with a concession to relocate the main gate away from the corner, and planting privacy trees along the top boundary. The council also had problems with the nature of the proposed activities, nearly forcing the re-zoning of the property as a school.

10 October 1986


October 1986

Bill and Judy Robinson engaged as caretakers. They lived firstly in the house, and then in April 1987, moved to what became the carer’s flat next to the independent living quarters. Shirley Planner becomes involved with the Association.


$84,000 grant from CSV to set up the farm Funding obtained to build an Independent living flat. The top section of the dog kennels, including the old kennel office, was converted into suitable accommodation.

6 November 1986

Registered as a Day Training Centre (Mental Health Act 1959, Section 35 (2). (Registration had been held up by the drawn-out Incorporation process.)

February 1987

Program Director (Laurie Jeal) appointed to commence in March.

February – March 1987

Clients interviewed.

9 April 1987

Blairlogie Centre opened with twelve clients started on the first day, and six more to come. Original clients include Karen Heysham, Lisa Pollard, and Brett De Lany.

Staff were Program Director (Laurie Jeal), Two Instructors (Jay Jarvie and Mark Torode), parttime Executive Officer (Shirley Planner), part-time Secretary (Karen de Lange), and bus driver, (David Braddley). A 12-seater commuter bus was provided by CSV

November 1987

Official opening by Brian Howe, MP, Minister for Social Services.


Doug Tilley, a retired veteran, became caretaker. Doug looked after the poultry, equipment, security, and grounds.

12 November 1988

Greg and Cathy Campbell, and Robin Cooper MP, were recognised as life governors.

6 February 1989

Sue Robinson recognised as a life governor.

6 October 1989

“Blairlogie – A Growing Concern” registered as business name.


Shepherds Nursery donate 130 fruit trees. The orchard is planted.

13 August 1990

Denyse Dick and Mabs Lay recognised as life governor


Recession. Two clients who had moved on to get jobs lose them. Our clients are the most vulnerable members of the labour market in economic hard times, when one in every three young people can’t get work. Board sees the need to reassess direction – particularly in the light of changes in funding arrangements from State and Federal Governments.

18 Aug 1990

Denyse Dick and Mabs Lay leave committee, and are recognised as life governors.


Staff reorganisation takes place and the caretaker’s flat becomes the carers flat in the independent living program.


Supported Employment program, “The A Team” mowing group underway.

2 March 1992

Sandra Darby becomes a life governor.

14 Sept 1992

Tim Haining, Lawrie Heysham, Jan Parker, George De Lany become life governors.

22 Aug 1994

Rod Puls becomes Executive Officer.

July 1995

Plans underway to develop the nursery business – nursery manager hired.

24 March 1996

First Open Day

April 1996

Offer from DHS of funding to purchase property and build new Centre within the city of Casey. After a search of several months, land was purchased at 685 North Road Cranbourne South and plans were drawn up for a suitable facility.

The planning process was complicated by objections from some residents which culminated in a hearing at VCAT. There was also pressure from the new owner of the Newton Road property who wanted possession. Construction commenced in 1998 and the move to North road was made in late December 1999.

19 January 2000

The new Centre opened its doors.

5 May 2000

Blairlogie Centre officially opened by Matt Viney MP

19 November 2012

Carolyn Carr becomes a new Chief Executive Officer.

23 November 2012

Rod Puls retired as a Blairlogie Chief Executive Officer after 18 years of service.


Following an incredible grassroots campaign by people with a disability, community organisations, parents, carers, and advocates, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was legislated.  It took until 2020 for the NDIS to reach full scheme rollout.

January 2014

Blairlogie launches a new social program, Meet Me @.  Meet Me @ was designed to provide opportunities for adults living with a disability to explore events and activities in their local community and to spend time with friends.

July 2016

Blairlogie launches Clubhouse – this service was established in response to the closure of Casey Kidz Club.  The Club house operates from 3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday to support parents and carers of people with a disability to continue to make social and economic contributions to the community because they are receiving the support they need.

December 2016

Blairlogie partners with Wolfdene Foundation and announces Project 28


Blairlogie launches Mini Breaks.  This initiative was introduced to provide opportunities for people to explore different holiday destinations with their friends.  Since launching in 2017 Blairlogie Mini Breaks has gone from strength to strength with six locations on offer in 2024, with stays ranging from two to six nights.

February 2017

The official opening of the Cranbourne Casey Men's Shed is held.  The shed is collocated on the Blairlogie 685 North Road site.  The partnership between the Cranbourne Casey Men's Shed and Blairlogie started in 2013.  After reading a small article in the local paper about the Men's Shed not having anywhere to operate from, Blairlogie invited the Men's Shed out to have a look at their woodwork shed, which was not being used on Tuesdays and Thursdays and could be a base for the Men's Shed.  The Men's Shed were delighted and jumped at the opportunity.  In 2015 the Men's Shed and Blairlogie applied for funding to build a bigger, better shed.  The funding application was successful and since the construction of the shed the Cranbourne Casey Men's Shed and Blairlogie have developed a fantastic relationship and together both organisations are making a difference in the lives of so many.

March 2018

Blairlogie commences operation of first residential site in Cranbourne

September 2018

Blairlogie opens second residential site in Doveton

July 2019

Two more residential sites open inCranbourne

July 2020

The first build of Project 28 is completed in Cranbourne East.

November 2020

Following the transition period from State funding to the NDIS,  Blairlogie undertakes its first Certification Audit and becomes a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider.


From January 2021 to June 2021 the four residents of our Project 28 Cranbourne East development moved in.  The lives of Chris, Tanie, Justin and Anthony changed forever when they got their own home. View their journey here:

21 February 2022

Blairlogie officially commences a mammoth building and renovation project at 685 North Road. This building project saw a new two story administrative building and the existing building substantially renovated. After working in cramped and confined space for a number of years, upon completion, it meant Blairlogie had enough space for office based staff.  The building was official opened on 18 June2023 after 403 days of work. You can take a look at those 403 days in this video:

October 2022

Blairlogie takes ownership of “Carramar” at 675 North Road, Cranbourne South. Carramar, an Aboriginal word meaning shade of trees, was purchased as an additional site to enable the organisation to develop more service offerings for Teenagers.

February 2024

Blairlogie launches Teen Time.  Teen Time aims to create more opportunities for teenagers with a disability to create new friendships and participate in a range of events and opportunities that encourage and promote involvement in our community.