Vision Mission
& Values

Our Vision

Blairlogie is the preeminent community-based provider of holistic quality support and services to people living with a disability.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to enhance each person’s opportunities for learning, growth and community participation. We are equally committed to advocating for our clients and their support networks.

Our Values

Openness and Integrity

We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and professional in our dealings with each other and with all our stakeholders
We will:
  • be honest about what we can and cannot do or deliver;
  • follow through on what we commit to do;
  • not compromise our commitment to meet the needs of each individual;
  • value all contributions regardless of their size;

Respect for All

We pride ourselves on our energy, sense of community, passion and acceptance of each individual
We will:
  • respect diversity and foster inclusion;
  • value each individual and their needs;
  • demonstrate cultural sensitivity and flexibility;
  • respect client choice;
  • value the right of every individual to grow and learn.

Communication and Engagement

We are committed to effectively engage with our stakeholders to ensure we understand their needs and where we can, meet those needs.
We will:
  • respect and value the importance of our community;
  • create and strengthen our ties with the communities within which we work;
  • listen to and actively engage with our stakeholders;
  • actively seek partnerships with like-minded organisations and community groups.

Continuous Improvement & Leadership

We pride ourselves on our quality leadership and on continuously improving Blairlogie for the benefit of our stakeholders.
We will:
  • commit to developing our knowledge and skills;
  • continually seek better solutions and ways of doing things;
  • reflect and learn from what we do;
  • work on the principle that leadership can and should be shown by all in the organisation;
  • celebrate our successes.

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