Vision Mission
& Values

Our Vision

Blairlogie are leaders in providing innovative and flexible support services to people living with disability; and their networks.

Our Mission

We are committed to proactively enhancing personalised opportunities for learning, growth and community participation and advocating for our clients; and their support networks.

Our Values


Honesty, reliability and professionalism underpins our dealings with each other and all our stakeholders
  • Honesty about what we can deliver;
  • Follow through on what we commit to do;
  • Commitment to meet the needs of each individual;
  • Acknowledge all contributions.


Acceptance of individual differences contributes to us building relationships based on trust, safety and wellbeing
  • Foster diversity and inclusion;
  • Value each individual and their needs;
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and flexibility;
  • Promote individual choice and control;
  • Advocate the right of every individual to grow and learn.


Effective engagement with our stakeholders contributes to connection with “community”
  • Recognise the importance of “community”;
  • Create and strengthen our ties with the communities within which we work;
  • Listen to and actively engage with our stakeholders;
  • Actively seek partnerships with like-minded organisations and community groups.


Innovation creates opportunities for outcomes to be realised for individuals and all aspects of our organisation
  • Anything is possible;
  • All ideas and contributions are taken into consideration;
  • We create opportunities to explore new options without constraint;
  • There is a commitment to learn from our past experiences;
  • There is time given to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to generate ideas.