Frequently Ask

Who can receive supports from Blairlogie?
Anyone who is eligible for supports under the Disability Act 2006 and is registered with the Department of Human Services can receive support from Blairlogie. People need to be in receipt of a funding package or be willing to pay fee for service for the support they receive.
How much does it cost to go to Blairlogie?
It will depend on the types of activities you are doing. When your plan is finalised you will be given a detailed breakdown of costs. You will be invoiced monthly. Blairlogie also charges a service fee. This contributes to the running of the organisation. The service fee is reviewed annually and adjusted accordingly.
How do people get to Blairlogie?
Blairlogie co-ordinates transport arrangements for each individual receiving support. Blairlogie uses a combination of taxis and a vehicle fleet owned and operated by the organisation. Transport arrangements are tailored to meet individual needs and will be discussed with you prior to commencing at Blairlogie.
What type of supports can I receive from Blairlogie?
Blairlogie provides a wide range of supports to people. The supports people receive depends on the goals they want to achieve, the skills they want to develop and the interests they want to pursue.
What else does Blairlogie offer?
Respite: this includes facility based respite at Scott Cottage which is a four bedroom, fully accessible house on our property at Cranbourne South, and recreational based respite where people receive supports at scheduled times throughout the year, but not including overnight stays.

Access to a range of allied health services: this includes occupational therapy, speech therapy and music therapy.

Annual Camp: Blairlogie holds an annual, weeklong camp which is open to all people receiving supports from Blairlogie. It is always an action packed week and is held at various locations. In recent years camps have been held at Anglesea, Bacchus Marsh, Phillip Island, and Mt Evelyn.

Blairlogie runs an Annual Art Show. Entries are displayed at the Annual General Meeting where the winners are announced.

Blairlogie holds an Open Day every year. This is an opportunity for people to come and visit our property and take part in a range of family fun events and activities as well as market stalls including plants and other goods made by people receiving supports from Blairlogie.

We offer weekend trips throughout the year to various places including AFL matches, theatre performances and other events both locally and further afield.
Who do I speak to at Blairlogie?
You can contact Blairlogie and speak to the Manager Individual Services & Supports (MISS) or the Manager Service Development & Strategy if you have any questions or queries about Blairlogie.