Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
Carolyn Carr

Carolyn was appointed Chief Executive Officer at Blairlogie in November 2012. Prior to joining Blairlogie Carolyn was the Chief Executive Officer at a similar community based organisation based in Traralgon.

Carolyn has worked in the disability sector since 1999. She has held positions in both community based organisations and State Government. She has extensive experience in Management and Leadership and enjoys leading a team to achieve set organisational goals.

Carolyn is a strong believer in people with a disability having maximum control over their lives and being empowered to make decisions that affect them.

Carolyn has a Degree in Journalism and Communication as well as Disability and Management Qualifications. As Chief Executive Officer Carolyn has overall responsibility for implementing the organisational Strategic Plan, as well as providing leadership, innovation and advocacy that ensures the delivery of a high quality service.

Carolyn is also responsible for the financial management of the organisation. Carolyn says that one of the most enjoyable aspects of her role is the community and stakeholder engagement.

Carolyn is very proud to lead Blairlogie and is looking forward to implementing the many exciting plans the organisation has for the coming years.

General Manager Operations
Shannon Conway

Shannon began working in the Not-For-Profit Community Services Sector in 2003 completing a traineeship in a Residential setting before moving across to Community Support.

Commencing at Blairlogie in 2009, Shannon started out as an Assistant Program Manager then in 2011 became Client Services Manager. During 2014 Shannon completed an Advanced Diploma in Disabilities and also in Community Sector Management which will assist her to continue to provide quality service.

Shannon also works with children and teenagers in a local recreation access program supporting people to access leisure opportunities available within the community.

Now, as Manager of Service Development & Strategy, Shannon is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives that lead to achieving the best possible outcomes for the people supported by Blairlogie.

Shannon is passionate about seeing people achieve personal goals and is creative in designing supports to meet the needs of individuals.

Shannon enjoys the dynamic and rewarding nature of her job and is always up for a challenge of learning new things.

Manager Human Resources
Sandra Shaw

Sandra is an experienced Human Resources Manager with considerable knowledge in Employment Relations, Payroll, Work Health and Safety, Recruitment, Systems and Processes. In addition, Sandra has extensive business and management experience in the retail corporate sector, including a strong operational background with project management. Sandra has experience leading and managing small to large teams (100 plus) and creating new teams from the ground up. Sandra’s previous work has included national and international exposure.

Sandra has made a conscience choice to join the not for profit sector and is excited about using her experience and learning more to further add to the Blairlogie community and the disability sector in general.

Sandra loves coaching and encouraging people to reach their own decisions, whilst providing guidance where required. Sandra is excited about the professional and personal growth of people and mentoring people to reach their potential which then translates into success for the organisation.

Support Facilitator
Chantele Leigh

Chantele has been working in the disability sector since 2005. She has worked in various settings including in home respite, Community respite and in respite houses. She started working for Blairlogie in 2007 as a Support Worker and worked her way up to a Team leader position, Assistant Program Manager and now working as a Support Coordinator.

When Chantele was 17, she volunteered on a holiday program for people with disabilities. For the most part of her life she has grown up with a family member with a disability and that’s what guided her towards working with other people with disabilities. Chantele enjoys seeing people achieve milestone in their lives. She strives to support people with a disability achieve the same equality and respect that every person is entitled to.

NDIS Support Coordinator
Rebecca Barter

Rebecca was guided towards studying and working in the disability sector as she wanted to find out what was out there and how the system works as she has a son living with Autism. Rebecca is very passionate about equal rights and quality of life for people living with a disability.

Rebecca was employed at Blairlogie in mid-2011 after completing her work placement as part of her Cert IV in disability. Rebecca has also completed her Advance Diploma in Disability. In November 2014 Rebecca became a Support Co-ordinator. Rebecca loves this role as it gives her the opportunity to work closely with individuals and families to showcase the abilities of people and supporting them to reach their full potential.

Respite & Recreation Coordinator
Elizabeth Newell

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Teaching and a Graduate Diploma in Special Education and Human Services. After finishing her degree in 2001, Elizabeth taught in mainstream Primary Schools and Special/Special Developmental schools around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

In 2008 and again in 2010, Elizabeth took a break from teaching to start a family and look after her son and daughter.

Elizabeth had a desire to try something different to teaching, but still in the Disability field. In July 2011 she began working part-time at Blairlogie as a Support Worker.

In 2014, Elizabeth became the Respite & Recreation Coordinator at Blairlogie. She is responsible for planning, developing, implementing all weekend activities, such as the Meet Me @ Program, Respite and the Blairlogie Holiday Programs which occur during the breaks throughout the year. This year, Elizabeth will also be organizing Blairlogie’s annual camp in September.