Individual Services & Supports

Blairlogie Living & Learning Inc. is committed to providing supports and services to people that enable them to achieve their goals and pursue their interests. This may include getting a job, volunteering, undertaking further study, personal development, health and fitness, independent living, enjoying a hobby, learning new skills, being independent in the community, building relationships or something else.

We connect each person to opportunities that enable them to fulfill their goals and interests while making a valuable contribution to community. We have developed a Supports & Services Guide that provides details on some of the opportunities that are available to people supported by our organisation. The Guide also provides information about the 16 life areas. The 16 life areas are those things that are important to most people and are directly associated with the way

The Guide also provides information about the 16 life areas. The 16 life areas are those things that are important to most people and are directly associated with the way well-being is measured for all Victorians. Blairlogie strives to improve the wellbeing of all people we support by basing the opportunities available to people on the 16 life areas.

Blairlogie also recognises that each person requires different supports and while the following guide provides examples of the opportunities people are currently participating in we are always happy to discuss new opportunities that a person would like to access.

We currently provide a range of ACTIVITIES on site and off-site including:

Green Thumbs

  • Nursery@Blairlogie

Participants will have the opportunity to learn to develop valuable Nursery and gardening skills within a group setting. Some examples of the skills learnt will be potting seeds and seedlings, watering, weeding, garden bed preparation, taking cuttings & propagating, pruning and fertilizing. Participants will also learn safety awareness from sun protection through to correct use of tools & equipment.

  • Blairlogie Lawn Legends

From humble beginnings, ‘The Legends’ have firmly established themselves as a reliable, professional and well-priced lawn and gardening crew servicing the local area. Members of the Blairlogie Lawn Legends work on both private and commercial lawn, gardening and maintenance jobs. They are also responsible for maintaining their equipment, including ride on and push mowers, wiper snippers and blowers. The Lawn Legends participants have developed both their gardening and maintenance skills as well as some very important vocational skills such as teamwork, the importance of personal protective equipment, safe working practices and many others.

Daily Living Skills

  • COOKING @ Blairlogie $5 per session

This is an opportunity for people to develop skills that would enable them to cook their own meals. It involves the entire cooking process from selecting a menu to purchasing the ingredients, preparation, and cooking. Healthy lifestyle and nutritional information are also part of this activity.

  • MONEY MATTERS @ Blairlogie and Community based

Participants will have opportunities to develop and improve on their money recognition and money handling skills to enable them to control their finances and make informed financial decisions. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop their numeracy and money skills through the aid of an online money master’s program. When out and about participants will be able to independently identify, select and pay for items, complete personal banking and pay bills.

  • TRAVEL TRAINING @ varied Community locations $6 per session

Travel training offers participants the opportunity to learn all aspects of using public transport safely. The skills learnt will include purchase of and validation of Myki tickets, reading timetables, choosing the correct route and bus/train number, exiting at the correct stop/ destination and safety in the community.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy

  • BUDGETING @ Different community settings $10 per session

Each participant starts at Blairlogie and may learn to travel to a set location whilst learning the steps associated with the MYKI travel system. Once at the location the participants will undertake various tasks aimed at improving their financial knowledge and skills. This includes making regular payments on a lay-by or purchasing chosen items within their personal budget.

  • CLIENT COMMITTEE @ Blairlogie

The role of the Client Committee is to enable all people receiving our service to be involved and have a say through elected representatives. The Client Committee consists of seven representatives that fill the positions of a President, Vice President, Secretary, treasurer and three committee members. The committee communicate directly between service users and managers about day to day issues, opinions, needs with an active approach to fundraising and organising gift sales for special occasions.

  • COMMUNICATION @ Blairlogie

This helps support independent communication with people through a range of different methods. The people are assessed and tools and systems are developed and practiced to ensure each person has an effective way of communicating their choices and decisions to those around them. During this ½ day session people will have an opportunity to practice and further develop their personal communication in a range of activities and environments.

  • COMPUTERS @ Blairlogie

Designed to enhance people’s independence and capabilities in an environment consists of six computers all connected to the internet. People are encouraged to use technology to stay in touch with family and friends through Skype or an email system. We also provide learning opportunities around search engines, word documents and educational software with multisensory experiences, individualised instruction, repetition and interactive numeracy, literacy or geography programs.

  • LIBRARY @ Cranbourne, Frankston, Hastings and Mornington

Participants are able to access various Libraries where they have access to reading books, magazines and newspapers, using computers and internet facilities. Participants can borrow books, CD’s and DVD’s to take home or to share with their friends.

  • NEWSLETTER @ Blairlogie

The Blairlogie Bulletin is produced by people participating in these sessions. It is an opportunity for people to experience technology, media and to produce a quarterly newsletter about what’s happening at Blairlogie. Participants learn basic computer skills and increase individual knowledge on the use of computers, internet, software programs and applications. Participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm, express their ideas, carry out research, conduct interviews and contribute towards the layout, proof reading and content of the quarterly Blairlogie newsletter.

Sport & Recreation

  • ARCHERY @ Blairlogie

A program that aims to teach the basics of archery with the emphasis on fun and safety. Participants will undergo a brief introduction to the basic steps of archery and safety awareness followed by shooting various targets within the controlled environment. This activities provides a fun way to be working on the fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, turn taking and co-operation.

  • BASKETBALL @ Cranbourne Indoor Sports Complex (Thursday) $5 per session

Each individual is graded into levels A, B and C after being assessed by a coach. At the beginning of the session a 10 minute warm up is held of stretches, skills and drills. Games are then played running for about 40 minutes with support staff alongside each court to help maximise participation. The last 10 minutes consist of cool down stretches and a chance to catch up with friends.

  • BOWLING @ Frankston AMF $7 per session

Participants enjoy this as a leisure, recreation or social activity with the opportunity to take it to the next level and be competitive (League). This low impact game contributes to balance, co-ordination and motor skills.

  • CANOEING – SEASONAL @ Patterson Lakes

Participants are able to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors in a safe, controlled and hands on learning environment. This low impact activity helps improve aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Run by a qualified instructor each vessel is tied together as they practice their skills along the Lake.

  • CYCLING @ Casey Fields $5 per session

People will have an opportunity to experience hand cycles, tricycles, motorised tricycles as well as conventional bicycles. There will be a variety of opportunities to participate in each week including learning to ride a bike, skill development, events to improve health and fitness and cycling for leisure and relaxation. There will also be opportunities for people to volunteer in other roles such as administrative tasks, photos and filming and many more. The Southern Masters Cycling Club supports this activity through volunteers and their cycling expertise. The Southern Masters Cycling Club is affiliated with both Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia. No experience in cycling is necessary to participate in this opportunity.

  • DARTS @ Cranbourne Indoor Sports $5 per session

This is a fun interactive program for anyone that would like to learn the skill of playing darts in a fun friendly relaxing atmosphere, no matter their ability. Participants with volunteer’s help will learn the rules and skills needed for playing darts with some healthy competition. This activity is ran by volunteers from the World Disability Darts Association and have modified the dart boards so no matter the level of ability, a sense of achievement is guaranteed. The sport of darts is a fun way to improve balance, coordination and motor skills.

  • INDOOR CRICKET @ Frankston $5 per session

Run by a group of volunteers who play indoor cricket. Participants all get a turn at Batting, Bowling and fielding. Participants have the opportunity to wear team colour T-shirts to feels apart of each team. It also offers fun, fitness, social interaction and improves balance, co-ordination and mobility.

  • NATURE DISCOVERY @ Various places

Participants select a destination where they would like to go for a walk. During these ½ or full day session people learn about the health and safety elements of the environment and give the opportunity to learn about animals they may encounter, plants they might see, local history, art work & sculptures all while doing a little exercise.

  • OUTDOOR SPORTS @Various community venues / Blairlogie

Whether this means joining a team activity of Cricket, Basketball or Tunnel Ball (examples) or just engaging in free play, the benefits associated with outdoor sports include: Learning social skills, increase physical fitness, hand eye co-ordination, increased confidence and engaging larger motor skill development.

  • SAILING – SEASONAL @ Hastings Yacht Club

Sailing provides participants with the opportunity to learn valuable sailing skills while having fun in a safe setting. The aim is to encourage and facilitate sailing for participants in social, recreational and competitive situations.

  • TENNIS – SEASONAL @ Casey Fields Tennis $8 per session

This is an opportunity for people to receive professional coaching while having fun outdoors. Participants will learn valuable racket use and serving skills while working to maintain fine motor skills and improving their fitness.

Health & Well being

  • DRUM BEAT @ Blairlogie $5 per session

Drumbeat is a therapeutic program using rhythm, developed by Holyoake. This combines experiential learning with cognitive behavioural therapy and engages people who may be anxious or resistant to ‘talk based’ therapies. Drumbeat explores relationship issues such as: Peer Pressure, bullying, dealing with emotions, identity, social responsibility and teamwork.

  • MEN’S HEALTH @ Mornington Optima Gym and various facilities $6 per session

Men’s Health is designed to provide an avenue for discovery and discussion of issues effecting men. The aim is to increase motivation and self-esteem, enable participants to be empowered to increase their ability and confidence with personal issues affecting them and provide participants with information, education and resources to make educated and informed decisions regarding their health and lifestyle. After their gym session participants enjoy keeping active by trialling different recreation and leisure options. (Driving range, playing pool, swimming) Participants attend Optima Gym Mornington between 11am & 12pm with a qualified instructor to maintain ongoing individual health and fitness.

  • SWIM OR HYDRO POOL @ Casey Race Cranbourne & Frankston PARC $8 per session

These sessions vary according to the needs of the individual. The more independent people will be encouraged to swim laps, practice strokes and does some exercises whilst others may be assisted to complete stretches and movement programs recommended by a physio. At the end of the session there is the opportunity to relax in the spa.

  • WATER AEROBICS @ Pelican Park Recreation Centre $8 per session

In the morning participants would do some gentle warm up exercise along the Hastings foreshore before attend their water Aerobics session run by a qualified instructor. This session offer fun, fitness, social interaction and improves balance, co-ordination and mobility.

  • WOMEN’S HEALTH @ Blairlogie & Optima Gym $6 per session

Women’s Health sessions are designed to provide an avenue for discovery and discussion of issues effecting women. The aim of this program is to increase motivation and self-esteem, enable participants to empower themselves to increase their ability and confidence with personal issues effecting them and provide participants with information, education and resources to make educated and informed decisions regarding their health and lifestyle.


  • BAM all starts Dancing @ Frankston Bowling Club $10 per session

This is a unique dance group for people to join that love to dance and perform with teachings in modern dance performances for all ability levels. BAM is a very social, inclusive group with the emphasis being on having fun while learning new moves and enjoying the music, the other benefits of this activity include fitness enhancement and skill development in the area of memory, balance, co-ordination and mobility.

  • BINGO @ Frankston Bowling Club $8 per session

This opportunity allows for skill development in a range of different areas. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the set up and running of the actual Bingo games which are an open sessions for others to join. Afternoon tea is supplied to the players and workers which is made by the participants which is another way to contribute. OR you may just want to join in the fun and play for prizes.

  • DANCING @ Lyrebird Community Centre, Carrum Downs $6 per session

This is facilitated by a Dance instructor to teach the style of hip hop! Each week the participants follow dance routines that have been choreographed to suit their skills and abilities. Dancing offers fun, fitness, social interaction with skill development in the area of memory, balance, co-ordination and mobility.

  • KARAOKE @ Frankston Bowling Club $6 per session

This fun and entertaining activity allows for even the shyest of people to contribute and slowly gain self confidence in an environment set up for all to have a go, no matter what ability levels they are. With many song choices to select from this professional DJ will ensure there is a bit of something for everyone. A great way to work on self-esteem, confidence and mastering the art of singing.

  • ROCK AND ROLL @ The Factory in Cranbourne $8 per session

Participant access a dance/ disco where they can freely express themselves. Rock and Roll helps participants maintain their health and fitness whilst also accessing a community venue with the opportunity to build and develop relationships.

Creative Arts & Design

  • ART AND CRAFT @ Blairlogie $5 per session

Art and Craft activities are held in our very own art shed. It is an opportunity for people to explore many different creative processes such as painting, beading, card making, drawing and more. Each person is encouraged to use their creative flare and enter their work into our annual Art competition.

  • CANDLE MAKING @ Blairlogie $5 per session

Each person will create their own masterpieces whilst learning the different types of candles, waxes, wicks and various ways candles can be used for special occasions. Participants also have the opportunity to sell their products at various events.

  • CAKE DECORATING @ Blairlogie $10 per session

Participants will learn the basics of cake decorating, including: Being able to select correct ingredients to make a range of different cakes, using kitchen equipment and appliances to produce cake mixtures, Understand correct cooking techniques and temperatures, Be able to carry out simple decorating techniques for attractive presentation, Know how to use kitchen equipment and appliances correctly and safely, Understand the importance of personal and kitchen hygiene for cooking and an awareness of employment opportunities in the catering industry.

  • CERAMICS @ Blairlogie $5 per session

Designed to discover each person’s creative ability by turning a lump of clay into a beautiful master piece through the exploration of different techniques using the pinch, coil and slab methods.

  • MULTI MEDIA @ Blairlogie $5 per session

The opportunity to work on film making skills, using professional equipment in Blairlogie’s studio, learning from basic to advanced skills in camera operations, video making principles, editing, computer software and graphical effects, green screen usage, costume and set designing and interviewing techniques. This group activity participates in many different projects throughout the year with the benefits of growing their skills and abilities whilst increasing in self-confidence.

  • PERFORMING ARTS @ Pearcedale Hall $5 per session

The Performing arts explores different mediums of expression. Participants learn to express ideas and concepts through a variety of mediums. Participants are encouraged to be creative, to write and follow a script, speak clearly, create a multimedia production, learn to use a video camera and make their own costumes and props. Participants will produce a performance and showcase it at the end of the year at the Cranbourne Community Theatre.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY @ Blairlogie $5 per session

A Photography course gives the opportunity for people to explore their surroundings through a camera lens. Participants learn the basic skill required to operate a camera and present their photos in different formats (video presentation, portfolio, canvas) longer lasting memories can be captured and shared with family and friends.

  • RECYCLED DESIGN @ Blairlogie $5 per session

This innovated activity allows the mind to be creative through designing quality products from materials that would normally be considered unusable and end up at land fill. This activity is offered in a relaxed social setting to allow people to freely express their ideas.

  • SEWING @ Blairlogie $5 per session

Participants make items of their choice by looking through magazines, books and staff suggestions. Participants enjoy making pom pom’s, knitting items and using cross stitches. Participants also have access to sewing machines and can create or repair clothing. Sewing helps to develop fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

  • TEXTILES @ Blairlogie $5 per session

These sessions encourages participants to express their artistic abilities independently using different mediums, textures and techniques. Participants will follow step by step instructions to complete their project, aiming to select and complete a new project from start to finish. Participants may choose to enter their work in our annual art competition.

  • WOODWORK @ Blairlogie $5 per session

Participants select a woodwork design they would like to create. Participants learn how to cut, drill, sand, paint and glue. Participants also learn safety skills when using all types of equipment.

Tranquil Space


Tailored to the individual these supports are delivered at a slower pace to allow people to do activities they enjoy doing. These activities focus on sensory stimulation providing many benefits such as increased communication, environmental awareness, relaxation, and cognitive stimulation, opportunity to build a rapport or the enjoyment of a leisure experience.

  • SCOTT COTTAGE @ Blairlogie

People choose to escape the fast pace of the day by using this environment to either work solely on their identified goals or take the time to relax, watch TV, listen to music or join in the group activity being offered for the day. These activities range from art and craft, cooking, dancing, exercise classes, sewing or card making.

Casual Explorers

  • COMMUNITY ACCESS @ Various places $8 per session

Participants contribute ideas and suggestions on activities they would like to do within the community on a monthly basis. These activities can include shopping, going out for lunch, bowling, movies, theatre shows, mini golf, sports activities or anything else that people may want to explore or be involved in.

Work Ready

  • MEALS ON WHEELS HELPER @ Meals on wheels kitchen Frankston

This small group does something practical yet personal for people in the City of Frankston. They are registered volunteers that collect the meals and deliver them to resident doors.


Participants are given the opportunity to volunteer at the Briars and carry out a variety of useful jobs in the community.

  • Briars

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and develop valuable gardening skills while working in a group setting at the historic park. Some examples of the skills learnt will be weeding, mulching, pruning, garden bed preparation and fertilizing. Participants will also learn safety awareness from sun protection through to correct use of tools & equipment.

  • WORK EXPERIENCE @ Various locations

Our Blairlogie Community Support Program is designed for participants who have a goal to work within the community. Staff will discuss with participants the type of work they wish to obtain, with the intention of finding suitable employment. Participants will be assisted in preparing resumes and role play various interview techniques. The aim is to obtain suitable Volunteer opportunities or paid work for participants within the community which have been identified in their goals.

Optional Services

  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY @ Blairlogie $? per session

Participants are assessed by a qualified Occupational Therapist who creates individual programs to be completed 1:1 with OT on a weekly basis. OT develops an additional program, to encourage participants achieve individual goals throughout their daily programs at Blairlogie. Participants are assessed every 6-12 months as required. Each program is unique to the needs of participant, and may focus areas such as Sensory Motor, Daily Living Skills, or executive functioning.

  • DMARK MUSIC @ Cranbourne $15 per session

Run by a skilled musician, these sessions aim to meet people’s physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional needs by facilitating a planned and creative music session based on their needs. The session runs for approximately one hour and covers sing along songs, the use of percussion instruments, dance and movement.

  • STRETCHES AND MOVEMENT @ Blairlogie $8 per week

Participants are assessed by a professional Physiotherapist who creates an individual Stretches and movement schedule with exercises for people to do on a weekly basis. Participants are assessed every 6 – 12 months. Stretches and Movement is designed to help participants with mobility issues either to maintain or improve individual mobility.

  • MASSAGE @ Blairlogie $40 per session

Delivered by a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist that has worked in the industry for 23 years with a nursing and aged care background allows for the opportunity to have one of the following massages: Relaxation, remedial, Bowen Therapy (to support maintaining joint and muscle mobility and assist with pain relief), Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Cupping or Dry Needling.

  • SPEECH THERAPY @ Blairlogie $10 per session

Participants will work together in a small group with a qualified speech therapist who will tailor activities to meet each participant’s individual goals. Each person is assessed at the beginning which may include exercises to be practiced in other interactions throughout their day.

  • LITERACY@ Langwarrin Community Centre $8 per session

Participants will work together within a class setting with the support of a qualified literacy trainer. The trainer will provide participants with a variety of group and individual exercises and activities designed to improve their numeracy and literacy skills. Participants will be provided with learning tools( including work sheets, charts, graphs, maps and any additional identified supports required by the trainer) to support the ongoing development and improvement of the participants individual progress.

  • SELF DEFENCE @ Pearcedale Hall $10 per session

Participants are trained by a Professional instructor. Participants spend the morning warming up and stretch and then the instructor takes them for a 1 hour session. Participants will learn how to defend themselves from an attacker, it also helps participants maintain and improve their health, motor skills and balance. Participants also improve social confidence and have the opportunity to maintain and develop relationships.

If you require supports to participate in an opportunity not listed above please speak to us about how we can do it.